Jewish Events Willamette-valley is your source to Jewish related events in and around Eugene, Oregon, and the Willamette valley. Here is your chance to discover a bit of your heritage that you didn’t know existed, in a fun and relaxed and joyous way. Stand up and be proud of being Jewish. And also discover a little bit of what that means, so when somebody asks, you can say more than, “I light candles and we read from a scroll on Saturday mornings something I don’t understand. But the chanting is fun.”We are inclusive and so when we serve food at events, it will be kosher. Here are some pictures of one of our recent events: Tu b'Av: BBQ & Music Jam        July 28,2013
Some events are free. Some we will charge, but only so the costs of the event will not be coming out of our pockets. We, at Jewish Events Willamette-valley, are not rich. If you would like to contribute, we would be very grateful.

The Eugene Jewish Film Festival (update Feb 9):

We are back at the Bijou metro, 43 West Broadway in downtown Eugene.  We often sell out at this venue so we recommend buying tickets early.  Here is the link.  Tickets are $5 and a donation jar will be available for those who wish to support JEW (that’s us!).

Our next movie is Sunday Feb 15, 3pm.

HAGPurim is almost here, and we have the perfect movie to help you get in the mood of the holiday.  It is called HAG:  The Story of the Hasidic Actor’s Guild.  The movie is a serio-comic hybrid of fact and fiction chronicling the life of Yisrael “Izzi” Lifschutz. He has acted in and/or consulted on such Hollywood films as The Chosen, Stranger Among Us and the independent classic Pi (which he also co-produced). This outrageously funny mockumentary is a survey of Jewish visibility in cinema and fictionalized history replete with archival “behind the scenes” footage, staged scenes and interviews.

If a Jewish musician and an orthodox Jew can like it, then it must be good, yes?

“…entertaining and imaginative…expressing some very beautiful core Jewish beliefs…there are parts that are riveting, some hilarious…the film goes from the serious to the shtik and the very funny in a seamless montage”.
-Rabbi Chaim Moshe Bergstein, Chabad of Farmington Hills

“I just experienced 90 minutes of sheer joy. Even your ‘failures’ were spectacular”. -Avraham Rosenblum, Diaspora Yeshiva Band

As always a discussion follows the movie.  We hope to see you there.

We are looking for a volunteer to help us with the film festival.  Please call Shmuel at 541-514-2571 if you are interested.